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Arduino Starter kit 2




Arduino Uno with Cable  1
 X-Y Dual Axis Joystick Module  1
KY009 RGB Three Color Led SMD  1
KY016 Three Color RGB LED Sensor Module  1
KY-039 3pin Mini Fingers Measuring Detect Heartbeat Sensor Module  1
KY008 Laser Module 6 mm  1
KY 004 Three Pin Button Key Switch Sensor Module  1
5.0v Relay 1 Channel Module KY019  1
GY-521 GY521 GY 521 MPU-6050 Module 3 Axis Analog Gyro Sensors+Accelerometer  1
KY 002 TL1838 VS1838 Universal Ir Sensor Receiver Module  1
KY-006 Passive buzzer module  1
KY028 Digital Temperature Module  1
KY-040 Rotary Encoder Brick Module  1
KY031 Three Pin Knock Sensor  1
KY010 Light Blocking Photo Interrupter  1
400 Breadboard  1
HCSR 04 Ultrasonic Wave Detector  1
RF Wireless Receiver and Transmitter  1
Color Sensor TCS230 TCS3200 Color Detector Sensor Module  1
SW 520D angle Ball Switch Tilt Sensor Module  1
Male to Male 20 cm 40 Pin Jumper Wires  1

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  • Best pack for someone who wants to start learning automation and about sensors
  • 21 pieces