Water Level Sensor Module


  • Color: Red
  • Material: RF4
  • Power Supply: 3.3V or 5V
  • Working Current: Less then 20mA
  • Output Voltage: 0~2.3V (when sensor completely soaked in the water)
  • Interface Definitions: 1: Foot signal, 2: Foot GND, 3: Foot positive power
  • Sensor Type: Analog output
  • Weight: 8.0g
  • Packaging Dimensions: 120.0 x 78.0x 10.0mm
  • Packing: Anti-static sealing bag
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  • This sensor module can estimate the water level through a series of exposed parallel conductor line marks
  • measuring the water droplets and capacity
  • Easily convert water to analog signal, the output analog signal can be read directly on the arduino board to achieve the effect of water level alarm
  • The surface have gone through plating processing to enhance the electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance
  • Simple circuit and easy to use and high cost performance